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Founded in 2004 by Jeraldine Jean So(Jerri), Ginjer specializes cupcakes and home baked goods made with the finest ingredients and prepared the old-fashioned way.

After graduating from Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, Jerri obtained her US CPA license, pursued a career in finance, and became CFO of the Asia Pacific region for a reputable software company.

In the midst of this, Jerri always remembered how it felt when she baked her first batch of oatmeal cookies at the age of 10, while working for her Girl Scouts badge. She always hoped to one day open her own bakery, where she could share her joy of baking.

Jerri took a break from her hectic career and pursued her baking interest in earnest. She attended Cordon Bleu International, world's leading culinary arts school in Paris, France, to develop her patisserie skills, and realize her teenage dream of starting a baking business.

Under the encouragement of friends and family, she started Ginjer cakes 'n more. The name Ginjer is derived from one syllable of Jerri and her sister Ginniˇ¦s name. They want to share with you the joy of cakes from their momˇ¦s recipes. With the assistance of her mother's recipes accumulated over the past 30 years, Jerri successfully blends home recipes with her patissier skills, bringing American homestyle desserts to a new level of refinement.

Besides bringing delectable desserts to the marketplace, Ginjer also offers custom order design cakes. Let your tastebuds and eyes feast on delightful desserts.
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