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Ginjer's Monthly Newsletter | October 2007| Vol 2, #10
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Ginjer Keeps You
Sweet Company!

On October 2007, to celebrate Ginjer becoming your exclusive cupcake shop, we are offering a cupcake promotion of buy-5-get-1-free. Hurry over, Ginjer cupcake fans, and choose your favorite flavors!

Buy-3-Get-1 Free Coupon
With every purchase of Ginjer products over NT$300, receive a buy-3-get-1-free coupon. A special coupon for your support for Ginjer!

Taipei Walker
Special Edition,
20% Off Coupon

In cooperation with this month's Taipei Walker's Special Anniversary Edition, take advantage of a 20% discount when you bring in Ginjer's coupon included in this month's
Taipei Walker.
(Cannot be combined with other promotional offers.)

Store Hours
Monday to Saturday 12pm to 8pm

If you require pickup or delivery on the weekends, please call during store hours to coordinate.

Every Mon-Friday
From 12pm to 3pm
Get a free coffee with your cupcake!

Cupcake Decorating for Children Every Saturday at 4pm!
Call us to reserve your spot.
Ginjer, the Cupcake Specialty Store: New Flavors Available!

Starting October 2007, Ginjer will be your exclusive cupcake store. We are introducing new products for you to select from!

The three new cupcake flavors this month are Green Tea, Blueberry, and Raspberry. For those who enjoyed the red velvet, pumpkin, and pear flavors, you're in luck! These seasonal flavors will be available for sale too!
Ginjer Halloween Limited Edition Cupcake Designs

Happy Halloween! Time to put on the colorful costumes and masks! Score some rave reviews for your party with Ginjer Halloween products!

The Ginjer Halloween limited edition cupcake designs include the traditional Jack-O-Lantern, Spider Web, Scary Mummy, Vampire, and a Giant Spider staring you dead in the eye. The adorable designs are perfected with flavors like pumpkin, chocolate, ginjer special, and carrot cake.

Ginjer's New Flavors for Your Tastebuds!
This month, Ginjer introduces 3 new room temperature cupcakes with no cream toppings. The flavors are healthy green tea, fragrant blueberry, and delicious raspberry  
Green Tea Flavor
Blueberry Flavor
Raspberry Flavor  
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