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Ginjer's Monthly Newsletter | December 2007| Vol 2, #12
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Ginjer Keeps You
Sweet Company!

To celebrate Ginjer as a cupcake specialty store, take advantage of our special cupcake promotion of buy- 5-get-1 free. Come by and pick your favorite cupcake flavors now!

Decorating Class

Starting November, book a cupcake decorating class with Ginjer. Purchase 36 cupcakes for a your class and enjoy the special price of NT$80 per cupcake.

During the month of your birthday, host a cupcake decorating party with 36 cupcakes and enjoy a special price of NT$50 per cupcake. (One time offer per person.)

It's fun, original, and a great choice for your birthday celebration!

Cupcake Stands for

Show off the special design cupcakes with cupcake stands that attractively arrange these delicious desserts. Soon, you can place your order for cupcake stands with Ginjer. Each stand holds 23 cupcakes (NT$ 1200.) Contact us for more information.

Store Hours
Monday to Saturday 12pm to 8pm

If you require pickup or delivery on the weekends, please call during store hours to coordinate.

Every Mon-Friday
From 12pm to 3pm
Get a free coffee with your cupcake!


The Real Treats - Christmas Hampers for the Holiday Season

With the spirit of joy and giving in full swing, celebrate Christmas with Ginjer's classical American treats.

Ginjer's Christmas Hampers are ideal presents for families, friends, and clients. Each hamper contains festive cupcakes, Waldorf Salad Bundt,
and adorable gingerbread cookies. Also available in small and medium sizes.

Oval box (NT$600): 5 Christmas sprinkle cupcakes, 4-in Waldorf Salad, Bundt and 4 gingerbread cookies.

Square box (NT$1300): 5 Christmas sprinkle cupcakes, 3 4-in Waldorf Salad Bundt, 4 gingerbread cookies, 1 mini fruitcake, and 6 gingerbread cookies.


Classic Christmas Party with Ginjer's Traditional Western Holiday Treats

Christmas parties aren't complete without traditional Yule Log, fruit cakes, gingerbread cookies. All classical treats are available from Ginjer.

Holiday Cupcake Designs
This month's limited edition designs incorporate the Christmas theme: Santa Claus, Holiday Wreath, and Snowman. For this holiday season, each special design cupcake are available for a special price of $80 (original price NT$120.)  

Create Your Own Christmas Tree!

It's that time of the year again to decorate the Christmas tree again!
But are you tired of climbing on the ladder and hanging the shinning balls and other collectibles? It's time to give Ginjer's Christmas Tree cake a try. Get creative with your personal fancy Christmas tree decked out with cherries, chocolate balls and jelly beans.
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