Purchase Information

Purchase Quantity

Minimum order of 1 cupcake required. Cupcakes come in the following 4 packaging options:

  • 1 cupcake per box
  • 6 cupcakes per box
  • 16 cupcakes per box

Each package can have any combination of cupcake flavors.

Order Date and Order Delivery

Please place and pay for your order 3 days (excluding holidays) before the requested date of delivery/pickup. We will confirm receipt of payment via email/phone. To ensure the freshness of our products delivered, the order will be delivered within 3 days of receiving the order payment (excludes special orders.)

For example, if we receive payment confirmation on January 1st, we will send out the order on the 2nd and the order will arrive on the 3rd.

Order Details

Please provide accurate details when placing your order. Information needed includes the following:

  • Order recipient・s name
  • Order recipient・s phone #
  • Order recipient・s email
  • Order recipient・s delivery address
  • Order recipient・s the last 5 digits of the transfer account
  • Amount of products ordered
  • Expected delivery date and window of delivery.
    • For out of town deliveries, Takkyubin allows you to specify the window of delivery (Noon to 5pm; 5pm to 8pm).
    • For deliveries within Taipei, An-Ta delivery allows you to specify a delivery time such as 10am or 3pm.
    • If you don・t specify a delivery time, we will arrange for delivery on the 3rd day, between noon to 5pm. Please let us know in advance if you have special delivery instructions.
Payment Method

We accept electronic bank wire transfers and ATM wire transfers:

  • All payments wired before 5pm are considered paid for on the day the wired payment is made.
  • ATM Information:
    • Bank: Taishin Bank
    • Branch: 812 (Tun-Nan Branch)
    • Account #: 200-201-00000-460
    • Account Name: 換桓Τそq
Delivery Charges

Refrigerated delivery is paid for by the customer upon delivery. For example, extra NT$40 for a box of 6 cupcakes. Charges for additional 6-cupcake boxes would be as follows:

  • 1-4 boxes: NT$150
  • 5-8 boxes: NT$210
  • 9-12 boxes: NT$240
Other Important Notes Extra bags: Each order is placed in paper bags to accommodate the cake order requirements. No additional paper bags will be provided unless specifically requested when the order is placed. Each box comes with a one free Ginjer paper bag. Additional paper bags can be purchased for NT$5.00 each. Ginjer・s paper bags are available in two sizes and have the following capacity:
  • Small Paper Bag:
    • 12 of the 1-cupcake boxes
    • 3 of the 2-cupcake boxes
  • Large Paper Bag:
    • 42 of the 1-cupcake boxes
    • 4 of the 6-cupcake boxes
    • 2 of the 16-cupcake boxes

Ginjer also offers gift boxes for special occasions. Available sizes include the following:

  • 5-Cupcake Gift Box
  • 7-Cupcake Gift Box
  • 12-Cupcake Gift Box

Delivery Concerns: Cupcakes and cakes are fragile products to transport. Occassionally, during the delivery process, contents in the cake boxes may shift and the cake・s appearance may undergo some unexpected alterations. We assure you that although the appearance of the cake may be slightly altered, the flavor will not be affected. Thank you for your understanding.