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Ginjer's Monthly Newsletter | May 2013 |#5

Every Mon-Friday
From 12pm to 3pm
Get a free drink with your cupcake!

If you drop by after the cupcake happy hour, add NT$20 to your purchase of any cake product and you get a drink.

How Do You Eat a Cupcake?

How to eat a cupcake? No need
for spoons and forks—just peel off the cupcake paper and bite right into it.

Store Hours

Monday to Saturday 11am to 8:30pm

May 12 (Sunday)
11am to 8:30pm

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I Love You Mom!

Our Mother’s Day Cupcakes are here. Come get some to let mommy know how much you love her.


Mother’s Day Cake

Our Mother’s day cake designs are also available in 6 inch chocolate cake or 8 inch Ginjer (vanilla) Special. Come order our special cakes for your mother, mother in law, grandmother, great grandmother or any mother figure you want to show your appreciation and love.


Chocolate Chip Day

Our products that have chocolate chip as part of its ingredients. Chocolate chip cookies, Cookie bottoms both Ginjer and Chocolate, and Blondies. If you purchase any of these products between May 1-15 and your total bills is over NT300 then we will give you one of our bar products available at the store.


Ginjer’s Vegetarian Options

Ginjer uses anchor butter. Anchor butter is considered acceptable for people with vegetarian diet. So for all lacto-ovo vegetarians, Ginjer’s products are acceptable.

Ginjer also uses canola oil for our products that require oil. The ovo-vegetarians can avail of our ovo-vegetarian products such as carrot, pumpkin, banana, and waldorf all use canola oil.

For lacto vegetarians, our apple pie and cheese cake are available for your needs.


Cupcake Decorating at Ginjer

Each private session requires a minimum order of 6 cupcakes. It can be for one, two, or three people. Each cupcake is NT 100. Everyone is welcome to come and try decorating your own cupcake. Children or adults are all encouraged to try it at least once.


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