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Ginjer's Monthly Newsletter | April 2011 | Vol 6, #4

Every Mon-Friday
From 12pm to 3pm
Get a free drink with your cupcake!

If you drop by after the cupcake happy hour, add NT$20 to your purchase of any cake product and you get a drink.

How Do You Eat a Cupcake?

How to eat a cupcake? No need
for spoons and forks—just peel off the cupcake paper and bite right into it.

Store Hours

Monday to Saturday 11am to 8:30pm

Starting May we are going to have rainy day specials at Ginjer. If it is raining in Taipei (and everyone is using umbrellas) you can get 10% off any 6 cupcake purchase. This is subject to our discretion.

Cupcakes for
Flora Expo

Our flower cupcakes to celebrate the opening of the Flora Expo in Taipei.

Due to the increase of prices in all our ingredients, we are adjusting our regular cupcake prices to NT$55 per cupcake starting April. Your continued support is appreciated.

Order Online!

Click here to place your cupcake orders online.

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Party Favors:
Cupcakes, What a Great Choice!


Cupcake and Cakes for Children’s Day

Our animal design cupcakes are a popular choice for children’s day and they are on special this month.


Make Your Own Cupcakes at Home

This week Apple Daily newspaper featured a DIY cupcake decorating at our shop. Get Ginjer's cupcake decorating set to take home and decorate with your kids. Call us to order your set.


Celebrate Easter with Ginjer

Easter is celebrated with the Easter Bunny, Easter egg basket, Easter eggs, and spring flowers. Come order for your Easter celebration!


Love the Earth

In celebration of Earth Day for the whole month of April, if you bring your own container to pack the cupcakes, we will give you 10% off your cupcake purchase.


All Moms Are Super!

So in celebration of Mother’s Day, we have a super mom cake! Show your mom that she is super mom!


Custom Cakes for All Occasions

Ginjer is known for its fine cupcakes. But the cupcakes can be made into bigger cakes. Here we feature some of our popular designs that Ginjer has made in the past, but if you have a design that you want, just send us the picture and we will see what we can do.


Cake Decorating Classes

We are offering 6 inch chocolate cake decorating classes for children or adults. This can be a fun activity for friendly gatherings or children’s parties. Please call us for more details. Phone: (02)8773-3061

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