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Ginjer's Monthly Newsletter | June 2009 | Vol4, #6

Every Mon-Friday
From 12pm to 3pm
Get a free drink with your cupcake!

If you drop by after the cupcake happy hour, add NT$20 to your purchase of any cake product and you get a drink.

Ginjer's Healthy

Ginjer puts its customer's health first and foremost so only natural ingredients are used.

One of the few naturally blue colored food on eath, blueberries are loaded with nutrients. Studies not only show that blueberries prevent macular degeneration, but it's full of antioxidants.

Frozen blueberries are used in making Ginjer's Blueberry Cupcake. Frozen blueberries retain nutrients of the fresh blueberries.

Ginjer's Blueberry Cupcake is a delightfully tasty and healthy dessert!

Get a Free Pack of Cookies!

For any purchase of NT300 or more, we will give you one pack of our deliciously chewy cookies (limited daily supplies).

Discounts for Sinopac VIP Credit Card Holders

Starting this month, we have a joint promotion with Sinopac Bank. For their VIP credit card holders, we offer a discount of 10% for any purchase of regular priced items of 500NT or more.

Store Hours

Monday to Saturday 11am to 8:30pm

Party Favors:
Cupcakes, What a Great Choice!


Happy Graduation!

It's time to congratulate the graduates of 2009. Celebrate with one or many of Ginjer’s creations!


What's Your Horoscope?

Following last month's emoticon cupcakes, we present Ginjer's horoscope cupcakes! Pick your horoscope cupcakes and get some for your friends too.


Have a Summer Party with Ginjer’s Mini Cupcakes

Order Ginjer's mini cupcakes and mini cookies for your summer parties. Enjoy these bite size cupcakes and cookies during your summer garden parties. Perfect choice for summer weddings along with our individually wrapped cupcakes as party favors for your guests.


6 Inch Chocolate Cake

In response to popular demand we are introducing our chocolate cake in a new size good for 6-8 people. Our decadent chocolate cake comes in three variations of icing—like our cupcakes. (1) Chocolate icing inside and out, (2)butter cream inside and out, or (3) coffee icing inside and out. These cakes come in the basic design.


DIY Cookies!

It's summer time. Spend time with your children baking home made cookies with Ginjer's frozen cookies dough.


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