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Ginjer's Monthly Newsletter | January 2009 | Vol4, #1

Every Mon-Friday
From 12pm to 3pm
Get a free drink with your cupcake!

If you drop by after the cupcake happy hour, add NT$20 to your purchase of any cake product and you get a drink.

Orange and Yellow Paper Cups for Chinese New Year!!!

We are switching all our cupcake paper cups to be orange and yellow just for January to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Ginjer's Healthy

Ginjer puts its customer's health first and foremost so only natural ingredients are used.

Grown primarily in the Cape Code region of North America,
the cranberry has been known to prevent kidney stones and bacterial infections in the urinary tract.

Over the past 10 years, the cranberry has gained popularity for the benefits as an antioxidant and anti-cancer agent.

Ginjer's cranberry cupcakes brings out the flavor and fragrance of cranberries. Enjoy Ginjer's cranberry cupcakes as a delightful treat for the health conscious!

Store Hours Changes

Monday to Saturday 11am to 8:30pm

Additional Hours
11am to 8:30pm

Closed On:
1/1, 1/25, 1/26,
and 1/27

Ginjer Designs for
the Most Romantic Wedding Cakes!


Year of the Cow is here!!!

Our Chinese New Year gift boxes are here in two different sizes for gift giving needs. We can also create special boxes for company or personal orders. Contact us for more details.


Chinese New Year Design Cakes

Two of our Chinese New Year design cakes are on special right now. Originally priced at NT2500, these cakes are now available for NT2000 in the chocolate flavor! Please order in advance.


Date Cake—New Flavor!

We are introducing a new flavor to the Ginjer family of cupcake flavors. The Date Cake is baked with dates in our cupcake to add an exciting new flavor to stimulate your tastebuds.


Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day gift is a special surprise! It's an 8 inch chocolate cake with a heart inside.


Make Your Own Cookies for Chinese New Year!

DIY gingerbread cookies—rolling pin and cookie cutters are included. This should increase your holiday fun. For those of you that prefer other flavors, we have our sugar cookie, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and lemon cookie dough as well.


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