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Ginjer's Monthly Newsletter | February 2008 | Vol2, #2


Every Mon-Friday
From 12pm to 3pm
Get a free drink
with your cupcake!

If you drop by after the cupcake happy hour, add NT$20 to your purchase of any cake product and you get a drink.

Decorating Class

Starting November, book a cupcake decorating class with Ginjer. Purchase 36 cupcakes for a your class and enjoy the special price of NT$80 per cupcake.

During the month of your birthday, host a cupcake decorating party with 36 cupcakes and enjoy a special price of NT$50 per cupcake. (One time offer per person.)

It's fun, original, and a great choice for your birthday celebration!

Cupcake Stands for

Show off the special design cupcakes with cupcake stands that attractively arrange these delicious desserts. Soon, you can place your order for cupcake stands with Ginjer. Each stand holds 23 cupcakes (NT$ 1200.) Contact us for more information

Store Hours
Monday to Saturday 12pm to 8pm

If you require pickup or delivery on the weekends, please call during store hours to coordinate.

Every Mon-Friday
From 12pm to 3pm
Get a free drink with your cupcake!


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The fan of Ginjer cupcake! Thanks for support our brand and product all the time. The whole new version of our official website is on-line now. More information and promotions can be found on it. Can・t wait to get more Ginjer・s stuff. Just visit us on :Ginjer・s official website;

Ginjer・s monthly designs in Feb.-
The romance of the prince and princess.

For every couple, the lover is always the prince charming or the pretty princess in your mind. The theme of Ginjer・s February limited edition cupcake design is the romance of the prince and princess! It・s perfect gift for the Valentine・s Day to express your love depth. Get them for a special price of NT$80 each and NT$300 for four. Please call in advance to order.

Valentine・s Day gift set

For the most important holiday-Valentine・s Day, Ginjer prepared a perfect chocolate Valentine・s gift set for the love birds. It comes with chocolate :Sweet-Heart; cupcakes, brownies and other variations.

Valentine・s Chocolate Gift Set NT$350
- 1 Brownie
- 2 Chocolate :Sweet-Heart; Cupcakes
- 1 Pack of 3 Mini crispy icing Cupcakes
- 1 Pack of chocolate Cookies.

Crispy icing mini cupcake

Watch out, Ginjer・s super adorable mini cupcakes are the new choice for your treats! Incredibly yummy and topped with chocolate icing, it just can・t get better than this! Starting February, expect to see this little darlings in store, 3 per bag for NT$40. For those planning to order in large quantities, please call ahead to order!

Ginjer's "Sweet-Heart" Ginjer・s :Sweet-Heart; cupcake lets you taste the buttercream in more than one way. Ginjer injects the buttercream when the cupcake just out of the oven, to make sure the flavors are in every little bite you take. To be introduced in February with the mini cupcakes, the; Sweet-Heart; cupcake is also part of Ginjer's Valentine's Chocolate Gift Set. Each sweetheart cupcake is NT$80.

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